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The Venus

Named after the roman goddess of love and beauty, this ring was made to gain attention. Using the white diamonds to highlight the emerald, this ring is probably the best example of our minimalist approach. The 1.42 carat Zambian emerald sits gracefully on the throne and rule the entire gathering with it’s vivid colour, sparkle and mysterious inclusions.

the Athena

Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, this ring features a 0.42 carat GIA Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow diamond. Inspired by daisy flower, this ring was designed to be worn in solitary. The pear shaped diamonds in the petal of this ring gives this ring a truly magnificent look. The two tone concept used in this ring highlights the golden sunrise colour of the diamond and makes the ring simply stunning


The Neptune

Named after the Roman god of water and seas, this ring features a 1.95 carat cushion shape Burmese No Heat Sapphire. The sapphire was mined at the legendary mines of Mogok, Burma and it displays a cool hue of lush blue seas and oceans. What’s special about this sapphire is its lustre that makes the ring sparkle even in the darkest rooms. The pear shaped diamond halo  gives this ring an interesting  look and great desirability.

the ferronia

Named after the roman goddess of wildlife, this ring features a 2.08 carat Zambian sugarloaf emerald. The inclusions inside the emerald sugarloaf cabochon gives it a mesmerising ‘garden’ look – il giardino. The shape of this cabochon highlights the ring especially from the  side view. The ring is inspired from four petalled clove leaf which symbolises good luck and the emerald sits in the centre of this ring. The white diamonds cascade all the way down to the  shank and create a complete cocktail look